Jan 11, 2007

my bike does fit in the mini

Once again there is snow outside my door - which ruined the plan 2 hour ride outside today with Col. :( Instead I packed my bike and trainer into the mini and headed over to Col's house to do a brick. The main roads were not to bad and the freeways even better.
We did 60 min of riding on the trainers - I mostly just moved through my gears did a min on each kind of thing and a few longer "hills" on a high resistance. I felt really good actually. We distracted ourselves by watching the "What it takes" dvd which helped more than the spinervals did the other day. I miss my bike...
Afterwards we changed in to warm clothes and headed down to the green lake 3.25 mile loop. It was sunny and cold - very cold, there was wind from the north and the path was super slick. My legs felt good the 1st mile or so then they got heavy esp when the wind blew. It did not help that I still have a runny nose (which became worse due to the cold temps) so I could not really breath out of it the entire time. I felt really slow - but I guess I finished around 29.15 - around a 9 min mile which seems to be pretty standard these days for me (which I don't like). But I'm glad we did it though I still had fun :) and it was great being outside in the sun. I need to get rid of the cold so I can feel better and push myself..

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