Jan 8, 2007

almost back

Today was my first day with no job and yet I still got up before 6 am. lol I got to the gym a bit late and missed the start of the 6am spin class so I just did 15 min cardio on the elliptical to warm up then I did an upper body work out. I felt pretty good - though still dealing with a tiny bit of a cold which is annoying. It mostly just makes it hard to breath and is keeping my energy levels down. I spent some time streching out - my legs and lower back are kind of tight.
I had really wanted to go outside and ride but I had to wait for Kyle's new rain bike to be delivered and by the time it was it was dark :( I did not feel like dealing with the crowds at the gym so I set up the trainer and did 60 min on it. I found it hard to keep a smooth stroke and my seat is not very comfortable when I'm down in the aero bars. I struggled the entire time to stay focused and not just be done with it. I watched a spinnervals video which helped some but still I just never got in a rhythm or anything. I was just glad when I was done. In all it made me aware that my bike is badly in need of a tune up, I need to adjust or get a new seat, and my cleats need to be adjusted - it is really to hard to get my right foot in. So I'm glad I did it.

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