Oct 18, 2006

upper body weights + pt

This morning for a warm up I ran 1 8:30 min mile on the treadmill - just to test my foot. It still feels tight but no pain so that was good. I then stretched out a bit and moved on to upper body weight training. Started with lat pull downs 45lb x 15 reps x 2 sets, bicep curls 25lb curl bar 20 reps x 3 sets, upward row 25lb curl bar 20 reps x 2 sets. Triceps dips body weight 15 reps x 2 sets. French press 12lb bar bells 15 reps x 2 sets. Shoulder side raises and front raises 8lb bar bell 20 reps x 3 sets. Low row 45lb 25 reps x 3 sets, push ups 10 reps x 3 sets. Then I went to my pt appointment - started with ultrasound, then massage and stretching - she said it still feels really tight - suggested roll a frozen water bottle under my foot after work outs to ice and massage - also suggested rolling a golf ball under my foot to help massage. Then I did the exercises - squeezing my toes together and separating them, clam shells to fatigue x 2 sets, standing hip abductor thing to fatigue x 2, gastroc stretch, and scrunching a towel. Then 5 min ice. Since my pt appointment finished early I went and did 20 min of abs and core stuff.

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