Oct 25, 2006

still water

This morning I swam about 1800yrds total in a completely empty pool - which I think made it harder to focus and keep swimming strangely enough. I started with 300yrds warm up, 500yrds of drills - 100yrds side kick, 200yrds switch, 100yrds catch-up, 100yrds single arm (50yrds each). Then in an effort to improve how I felt doing 100yrds distances I did 100yrds x 10 with short rests between. I focused on really stretching out and rotating side to side and keeping my breathing relaxed. I felt pretty good, my feet cramped up a tiny bit but I stretched and it went away. To cool down I stretched out my legs and back. My abs and shoulders are sore form yesterday but once I was warm it felt fine, esp my shoulder.
Some bummer news it sounds like Kyle might have a stress fracture in his foot. He saw the doctor yesterday and one his calf muscles is so tight that it might have caused one of the tiny bones on the outside of his foot to fracture. Not totally sure yet they are seeing if massage and ultrasound will help loosen the muscle and thus ease the pain. But if it does not get better they will do a bone scan or something next week to see if there is a fracture. Kyle's says my foot thing must have been contagious. haha He still thinks he might do the California International marathon though - Kyle thinks that if he can run at all he can run forever. Lucky him lol. That with Stephs' cracked ribs my running partners are disappearing. :(

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