Oct 29, 2006

little green machine

Yesterday was it was the perfect weather for doing my long run - sunny and a little bit cool and crisp. It was wonderful. Colleen rode her mt bike along with me - carrying my water and gu - it was quite the treat :) We started by going around green lake then went down stone way and got on the burk gillman trail went past the UW campus and then back up towards green lake again. It was great route lots of variety of running surfaces and distractions. Colleen also tracked my miles for me :)

mile 1 8:56
mile 2 8:55
mile 3 9:21
mile 4 8:45 (down hill Stone Wy)
mile 5 9:40 includes stop to stretch
mile 6 9:18
mile 7 9:07
mile 8 9:55 (uphill and brief walking)
mile 9 ?????

I felt good, my foot only hurt a little bit. The biggest thing was after the run I forgot to eat anything so later in the day I got a really bad headache and stomach ache which did not go away till I went to bed after taking some Tylenol. But I learned a good lesson - I will eat something with protein in it.
In other news yesterday we got a new car - well new to us - a green 2002 mini cooper with white racing stripes, a rack, fog lights and best of all heated seats hehe.

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