Oct 25, 2006

all about the legs

I had a fun time doing my leg work out tonight. I started with a warm up on the elliptical and some light stretching. Then I got started with 30 squats with 20lbs of weights, 30 jumps squats with the same weights. next I did 30 squats with same wight on for/aft with the balance board, 30 squats on right/left balance with weights. Then to make it harder I did 20 one leg squats on each side with the weight. Since I did not feel done with squats yet I did 50 on the bosu, 3 sets of 12 single leg squats on the bosu. 50 hamstring rolls on the ball. Lunges with the front foot on balance disc thing - 50 for each leg. The clam shell exercise the pt people have me doing - 2 fatigue x 2 on each side (I think 50 each x 2 but I lost count). Monster walk with a blue band around my ankles 25 steps each way. I still felt good so 30 reps x 3 sets of leg presses with a 45lb plates. I finished with calf raises - but i only did 25 or so my foot started hurting. So I stretched out really well and headed out.

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