Oct 11, 2006

swim + pt

Started the morning off with a good swim workout. I did 300yrds warm up, 150yrds each arm out for side kick drill (300yrds total), 300yrds of side swimming switches, 200yrds of catch ups, 200yrds of using kick board as pull bouy for resistance, 100yrds single arm (50yrds each). Then did a set of 400yrds and 150yrds cool down. I felt great and had fun working on the drills. I still have a hard time not running out of air...
I had the physical therapy appointment - it went well she did ultrasound heat, then massaged and stretched, and I think it was electrical stimulation and ice. It feels ok I'm wearing my running shoes because I could not figure out another pair that was not a flip flop or a high heel. lol

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