Oct 10, 2006

4 mile run & distal plantar fascitis

I started the morning with a 4 mile run on the treadmill with 5 x 1 min sprints sprints in 35:35 min.I felt great, my quad felt great, my foot hurt only a little while I was running (it hurts more now). Then I stretched out and did upper body weights and core exercise.
I had a appointment with a podiatrist at the pro club - Dr. Adad after my run.. And he diagnosed my foot pain as plantar fascists. He said that it was not to bad and that with 2 weeks of rest and pt I should be fine. (Hopefully) The hardest thing is that he said no running for 2 weeks and then Colleen added no flip flops (which is probably harder on me than no running lol).
So I'm staying optimistic and I am very aware that this is the time to deal with these issues and not later. Which is really important since one of my main goals is to stay healthy..

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