Oct 7, 2006

mile high altitude training

The run was very disappointing. I had every intention of doing 8... but I felt really tired and had a hard time. Kyle went with me and noticed I was heal striking and suggested I run more on the ball of my foot. We worked on form for about a mile or so but I was really dragging and my legs felt really heavy. Also the ball of my right foot really hurt. This has been a pain that has come and gone over the last 6 months or so.. It seems to be related to how tight my leg and foot muscles are.. So we walked most of the way. I'm totally bummed at how I felt and that I did not run my goal distance. The good thing was that Kyle's suggested changes in my form felt better and more smooth, so that was useful and I think I'm extra tired due to the altitude since I slept really well last night. I think when I get back in town I will make an appointment with a podiatrist about my foot... Get everything in order now so that I can push harder later.

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