May 31, 2007

travel day

We made it to Kona with our bikes and luggage...
As soon as we got to the great townhouse we are all staying at Kyle and i changed into swimsuits and headed to the little private beach. It was amazing. We got in the water - which was warm and as soon as I put my head under the crystal clear water I could see all sorts of fishes. The beach is right on a some coral so there is tons to watch and see as you swim. It was great - Kyle ran back and gr abed his snorkel and he found a see turtle that he fallowed around and played with. My swim felt great - the salt water makes me feel very buoyant - I don't have to kick much at all. The taste of salt definitely get in your mouth - but after a while I just got used to it.
Once the sun went down we met up with a friend of Kyle's and his family and had a great dinner - which was exactly what I needed. On the drive back I had the hardest time keeping my eyes open - and as soon as my head his the pillow I was out cold.
This morning we were both up around/before 6a so we put the bikes back together and went for a ride. The road surface is like butter it is so fast and smooth. It was great fun and it felt great to get out and loosen my legs up from sitting so much yesterday on the plane.
Next we are going to hangout with Matthew and his family at their hotel - which they described as Disneyland in Hawaii. lol should be interesting.
The rest of the crew gets in today so we will help get their bikes back and then hopefully we will go get some groceries and snacks.
I do feel a little out of it - I did not eat much yesterday while traveling and I know I did not drink enough because I did not want to have to deal with getting up and waiting for the bathroom on the plane. So today is all about eating enough healthy food and getting plenty of water and electrolytes.

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