Jun 2, 2007

Hawaii 70.3 2007 - Finished!

Today I finished my first Half Ironman distance event! I'm way to tired to get into full details right now so here are the results - swim - 45:45, bike - 3:27:41, run - 3:11:18, overall - 7:35:06, finish position - 841.
A quick summery is swim felt good, bike felt great, run well I only actually ran about 2 miles of the 13.1 - the pain in my left knee/calf hit around mile 1.5 and just got worse till the finish. I'm happy with my swim, bike and that I finished. I'm disappointed that I was unable to actually run more of the course but I made it through a very hard day so I'm ok with my results.
I'll fill in more info after a good night of sleep and recovery.


Steven said...

Nicely done and congrats! I'm looking forward to your race report.

NW Firefly said...

Congratulations! I knew you could do it!