May 25, 2007

lesson learned

Yesterday Col met me at work and we ran down the waterfront to Myrtle Edwards Park and back for somewhere about 6 miles total. When we got started around 4:15pm it was sunny and hot well 72F which is the hottest it has been when I have ran so far this year. I had one gel before we got started (which is what I always do before a run) and we made our way to the waterfront through the industrial area of town - it was not to bad - I felt genreally tired and my cadance was definatly slower than it has been lately. As we kept going I felt hot and was super thirsty not to mention just out of it - did not help I had messed up my watch settings somehow (didn't matter much but was frustrating all the same). We got to the park and I got some water and rinsed my face quickly then we kept going a bit into the park to get the full 3 miles out - I figured we had gone this far might as well go the full distance. I had my second gel and another gulp of water on our way back out of the park and we were back weiving through people on the waterfront. My legs felt heavy and my pace slowed a bit more. Then a mile or mile and half from the end I started feeling dizzy and some tunnel vision stuff. It pretty much sucked and I shamefully asked to walk the last 100-200 yrds from the end :( When we finished I was very salty and tired.
It may not have helped my ego but it did remind me that I do need to take salt esp when it is warm out - which will be very important in Hawaii next week since it has been in the 80s everyday. I'm also looking forward to getting back in the habit of eating more than twice a day and catching up on my sleep this weekend. Luckily even though it is still busy at work today I don't have an all day meeting so I can have my usual mid morning/afternoon snacks and I slept in this morning (pushed my swim off till tonight).

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