May 7, 2007

after thoughts

Yesterday I had a hard half marathon - I spent most of the rest of day looking back on what had happened, why, what sucked and what was good and what to take away from the experience. The biggest thing is that I finished even though it was painful experience. - now I know I can push through it and keep going.
I know that I did not get enough sleep the night before and I definitely need sleep - I know this about myself - I just don't function well with out it - I get sick or just am not myself with out it - even for just one night. The good news is that for both Hawaii 70.3 and IMC we will be arriving early enough that I will be able to get back in a good sleep cycle a couple days before the races.
My overall time was completely respectable and even with the issues I had I was able to keep my second half of the run.
Anyway I don't need to go on forever.. I learned a lot and have no worries about my progress or anything like that. Hawaii seems to be coming up very fast but hey I know I can finish...
As far as workouts went I took things really easy. This morning I finally had my initial pt appointment for my shoulder so I did a whole bunch of shoulder exercises and then did some more upper body stuff. Tonight I took the bike out for an easy spin for about a half an hour or so just to loosen up my legs. My legs and core feel pretty sore and I'm feeling a tad bit more tired than normal so I will be in bed fast asleep soon.

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