May 9, 2007

sort of getting back to it

Last night I attempted to run 3 miles and only managed 1 - my lower legs and feet still hurt pretty bad so pushed through 1 mile and then moved on to doing some stretching and a bit of core work.
Afterwards I met up with Col and Bryan to swim - planned on doing 2500 yrds but none of us really seemed into it- I think Bryan was more interested in Chipotle. The pool was frigid cold and once we all finally got in the water there were a lot of chat breaks. In the end I only did 1900yrds - 300 warm up, 100, 300 x 2, 250 x 2, 400, then sat in the hot tub for a bit. I felt pretty good, my legs were a bit heavy and I had a hard time keeping my breath under control (but I think that mostly had to do with the pool temp). I was still able to keep my average 100yrd pace around 1:50 which I'm happy with.
After grabbing Chipotle I went straight home and crashed and once again over slept this morning. I think I'm still recovery or something.. I don't notice it during the day but jeese I have been sleeping like a rock.

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