May 29, 2007

mixed day

It was great to have yesterday off from work and the weather was mostly good so Kyle and I did a bike ride out over the plateau then out to Ames Lake then back via Union Hill Road. Kyle let me choose the route and it had an assortment of hills - from super steep, rolling, long climbs and some familiar downhills so I could work on my fear of descending (as always). It started out a bit chilly - Kyle had a hat, leg and arm warmers on. I was just really glad my left knee did not hurt at all when I was riding - although I could feel some fatigue in my legs from the 8 mile run so I took it sort of easy. Kyle was super nice and mostly stayed with me and we just enjoyed an nice easy ride.
The plan was to do a bike to run brick just to get the legs used to the transition - so we got back home changed shoes and headed out for a short mile or two run. I was only able to make it a block or two before the outside of my left knee started to hurt really bad. Kyle had watched me run and told me it looked like I was pronating on my left foot but once it started to hurt it hurt no matter what I did. So Kyle continued to run a bit further and I started to walk back home. When I got home I put my other pair of running shoes on to see if that made a difference - sadly it did not. I iced my entire left leg as I tried to think positive thoughts that if I stay off it the rest of the week it will be just fine for Saturday... So that is my plan - let it rest and recoup and if nothing else it only hurts in the run and after doing the swim and bike I can run as much as I can and if I have to walk to finish I will. The world is not ending and hopefully everything will be just fine - I will do the best I can.

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