May 23, 2007

crazy day

I got up early (well 5 am which is normal really for me) and I was at work by 7ish which is unheard of me. Though it was nice being there so early since there were no distractions I got a ton of work done before everyone else got in. the rest of my day consisted of a all day design meeting. The downfall was that I did not eat when I usually eat esp all my daily snacks - I just had lunch - no mid morning snack or late afternoon snack. By the end of the day I was starving and could totally tell I had not eaten enough today. To make thing worse I guess Since I did not do one of my two work outs this morning I planned on doing them both this evening... Somehow I got enough energy (maybe it was the cofee before I left work) that when I got home I headed out on my bike for a ride - I was completely indecisive (I get like that when I don't eat enough) of where I wanted to ride or what I wanted to do so I just did the least complicated I did the lake loop. It was a really nice evening for riding and I was was late enough getting home from work that most of the traffic had cleared out. Col and I had talked about really pushing myself on the downhills around the lake because I know the route so well so I could practice not braking and deal with my fear so I did that I actually pedaled down all the hills and pushed a big gear as much as I could and as long as I could up the rolling hills just for a challenge. Around the lake I was bale to average around 19-22 mph which was great then of course I have to climb a big hill to get back home which was easy but much slower. All in all it was a great ride and I love being on my bike - and I finished the 23 mile ride in 1:15 :)
After the ride I changed, ate a nectar bar, finished my accelerade and went and helped my dad move a mattress.. Then went to the pool for a swim. Since Hawaii is only a little over a week away I decided I wanted to see how well i did swimming with no rests between sets so I did 100 x 25 with no rests - I just used my watch to track my 100s to help me keep everything straight. lol I was not super fast all my 100s were around 2 min - some under some over - but I never used a pull buoy (my favorite crutch) and I did not rest at the walls or take any breaks between laps. I felt pretty good - my legs were a bit tired and my shoulder acted up a bit about half way though but I know know that I can swim over the 1.2 mile swim with out resting and way under the cutoff time :) I need all the confidence I can get find now so every little bit helps make me feel better about Hawaii. My final time was 44:42 for 2500yrds.
Ok I think that coveres it for tonight - tomorrow is another crazy day jamm packed with all sorts of fun so off to sleep I go (it is way past my bed time already).

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