May 16, 2007

loving the weather

Sunday I just never got around to running - just to many other things going on and my foot hurt pretty bad.
Very early Monday morning I had a pt appointment for my shoulder and afterwards I added in some core stuff and foot exercises. Then a huge mystery - there was a gift bag with my name on it at the front desk with a scraf in it with no card or anything refreing to who it was from... I still don't know who left it for me.
In the evening I took my first run in my new Newton running shoes - just 2 miles on a half mile track but I ran them in 13:38 which felt great. Even better my foot and lower legs did not really hurt. Kyle ran with me and said my form looked better than normal and it seemed like it was easy for me.
Yesterday I ran 4 miles in the new shoes on the same half mile track as on Monday. Even less foot pain then on Monday and no lower leg pain to speak of :) I finished the 4 miles in 29:16:18 - which is really fast for me. I'm not sure if it is because it on a track so I can always see how much further I have to go or what but hopefully the speed will continue in to my other runs. I really like the shoes so far - they are different and I'm still getting used to them but so far so good.
After the run I met Col, Bryan and Kyle for a swim. I should have had a gel or something more to eat because as soon as I got in the pool I was tired and hungry which is never good. Since I have been doing a lot of longer sets Cole had me do a lot of shorter sets - 300 warm up, 100 x 10, 200 hard then 100 pull x 4 for a total of 2500yrds. My shoulder actually hurt more than it has in the last couple of weeks - makes me question the point of going to pt for it.. I seemed to take forever but I had some longer than normal "rests" - Kyle got a bloody nose so I ran and got paper towels for him and it is always more fun to chat than swim which adds time. I finished after the rest of the crew was long done with their workouts. Oh well I felt good about getting my workout completely done.
Again super early this morning I had another pt appointment for my shoulder. A couple of the exercises hurt so I iced for 15 minutes - hopefully I'm getting stronger and my dumb shoulder will get better soon.

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me gusta tu blog
te felicito por el dfiseƱo !
que te parece el mio?