May 22, 2007

the sun came out again

It was so nice out this evening that I considered doing a brick and going for a bike ride before my planned 5 mile run - but usually if I do something like that I get in trouble and by the time I got going I only felt like I had energy to only do the run well - so that is what I did. I went and ran the 5 mile loop near my house - It is 2 miles downhill and 3 miles uphill. Even though it was so warm outside I had a hard time warming up and the entire 2nd mile I had bad stitches on my right side which felt like it slowed me down a bit. Luckily when I had to start running uphill it went away and I just focused on climbing the long hill back. In all it took me 41:02 to finish the 5 miles and still no foot pain so I'm happy.

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