May 12, 2007

hilly ride

Yesterday morning the whole crew - even Futa met up at Marymoor Park for a 65ish mile ride out to North Bend and back. It was a bit chilly to start but mostly very good weather for riding. We started by riding into Issaquah via the east lake road and then climbed up to the plateau via a nasty hill which helped me finally really warm up. I was breathing hard and my nose was running like crazy but otherwise I felt great and I muscled up the hill and was able to ride over the top - I was also right behind Bman and Kyle :) Then we went over the plateau and down the stair step hill into Fall City. Most people would love to be going down that hill but I still really don't like descending - I have to force my self not to just hammer on the brakes every time - even so every one fly by me on the downhills. Anyway we then headed out towards Snoqualmie Falls and climbed up to the top - I was actually really surprised it was really easy I just spinned the entire way. We took a short break at the top of the falls - Bman showed off his helmet hair.

After we fed a squire a couple almonds and such we got going again towards North Bend - we took some back roads to avoid traffic on 202 that were full of holes and cracks. Then of course they had striped the main road in to North Bend for paving so it was all ridges and just plane bad. We headed all the way out to the truck stop on the east end of town and turned around to head back in to a major headwind. It was crazy we were going slightly down hill but it was hard work to even go 17mph. We took a quick stop for some fries, a burger and some soda - then back through the crappy roads of North Bend - down the Snoqualmie falls hill and back to the stair step climb back up the plateau. On the climb I felt good even though I was starting to feel a bit tired. I kept my pace up and climbed. Luckily there was only a few small(mini almost) climbs left till we finished. Once we got back on the lake road I just tried to spin my legs out as much as I could. The weirdest thing was that my right foot hurt when we finished - to the point where it was pain full to even stand on it - Col suggested it was because of all the climbing and that I was standing on it more than normal..
Final elevation profile -

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