May 21, 2007


This morning I got up at 4:45a so that I could get some of my upper body work out in before I had a pt appointment for my shoulder. Pt was alright - the exercises were good and I am getting stronger but a couple of them still really make my shoulder burn and fatigue really quickly. After I finished up with pt I did a few more upper body things and a bunch of core work - which felt great). After the weekend I felt a bit tired this morning and my calves are sore (in a good way) but otherwise I feel good.
I planned on riding to just spin my legs out a bit tonight but as soon as I had my bike clothes on and was getting ready to head out the door it started pouring... I know that by living in Seattle you have to train in the rain and all that but I just did not have it in me tonight. Mostly I hate getting my bike all gunky with road muck so instead I spent the time figuring out my packing list for Hawaii - since we leave in about a week and I want to make sure and go over it with Colleen just to make sure I have everything covered since I'm such a newbie.

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