May 27, 2007

less than a week to go

Friday night Kyle and I jumped in the lake for our first open water swim of the year. I had planned on swimming 3000yrds in the pool but since it was so nice out it just made sense to get out in the lake. The first little bit was cold - esp on my face but it got better as I warmed up. We swam 2 laps of the 4 buoys - less than 30 min (not really sure because my watch was still messed up). It was good training to have to work on sighting and dealing with the waves from the ski boats. I felt really strong and was able to keep good form, kept my breathing under control and the best part I that with the wetsuit on I did not have to kick at all - though I definitely want to get a new wetsuit in the next month or so. My current one is ok but it chokes me and just fatigues my shoulder.
Saturday I did my last longer run before Hawaii - 8 miles with a bunch of hills - I also waited till the hottest part of the day to help with acclimation. I made sure to take salt before I got started and half way though - which seemed to help some. I can't say I enjoyed the run it was more about just getting it over with - I tried but I just am not feeling solid on the run still. As Kyle keeps telling me - I know it is all in my head and I am doing just fine. I knew my mile marks and the first couple of miles were well under 8 min miles even with some rolling hills but then around mile 3 I got a weird pain on the outside of my left knee. I don't really know what was going on I figure either my calf/skin or my IT band was pulling on it but either way it slowed me down. So my overall time was 1:12:21 - one of the slowest 8 miles I have done in a while. As soon as I got home I iced my entire left leg and did again later in the evening. On a good note I wore the tri shorts and top that I plan to race in and I love both :) and my right foot did not hurt and no other shin issues.
Today I woke up to the sound of rain - so I decided to postpone my planned bike-run brick - instead I switched my Monday swim work out to today. I swam in the pool since I won't get to swim in a wetsuit in Hawaii. I did warm up 400 drills 200 1x300 2x150 3x100 6x25 cool down 200 - in about 40ish minutes. My shoulder did not really hurt - but since I did drills I was really watching my form the entire time.
My left leg is still a bit achy/tender so I have continued to ice and then heat and then gently stretch/massage it though out the day. Other than is this hick up I feel good . I am starting to get all my stuff together and pack. We had our bikes tuned up today and after a ride tomorrow we will probably pack them up. Then it is just a matter of getting everything packed and ready to go. I'm a little nervous about the race just because of the unknown factors - like heat, salt water, traveling, hoping I have trained enough and I can put it all together for a good event. I'm trying not to focus on any real time goal and mostly on finishing with a smile. It is coming up fast so I won't have to wait long to see how it goes. lol

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