Mar 2, 2007

mixing things up

I took Wednesday as a rest day - just was not going to happen. Anyway Yesterday (Thursday) I had the first class of Mountain Conditioning - it is intended for people preparing to climb Mt Rainer in the summer so it consists of strengh, cardio and stability training twice a week for 90 min classes. The club describes the class as "The "Alpine Start" will get your body conditioned for exercising early and help you build endurance for our annual Mt. Rainier climb or any other outdoor activity. Strength, cardio and stability training two mornings each week will condition your legs, heart, and core for a variety of optional Saturday "excursions" into the beautiful northwest wilderness. Classes offered in the summer time." I did the entire series (March - July) last year and loved it - I don't think I will do that this year but I wanted to add it in to my training at least for the month of March. Well yesterday was the first class so it was an "easy day" to get everyone used to the class structure and stuff - did probably about 300 squats, 100 crunches, 100 bicycle crunches, 100 step backs with forward lunge, 60 step ups, upper body stuff like push ups (which I hate and suck at), lateral shoulder raises standing on one foot, bricept curls, calf raises, and some hip stability exercises as well. Then we did a couple short cardio "bursts" of 5-10 min of high intensity running on the treadmill. I could already feel the lactic acid in my legs last night - this morning my legs are very sore (in a good way).
I got up early and did the 6am spinning class - it is a strength class and I was not having anything to do with that so I did my own thing. I just tried to loosen up my legs and spinned at around a cadence of around 90 or so the entire 60 min. By the end my legs felt pretty good so I randomly decided to run a mile at a 8 min pace. My legs felt heavy and tight but I did it. Afterwards I stretched out really well while my legs were warmed up.

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