Mar 7, 2007

sleepy brick

I woke this morning with a sore throat and ready for a nap. I got to the pool super early (5:05am) so that I could get a good swim in before spinning class. I managed about 1850 yrds in 40 min - did 300 warm up and a ladder of 50s from 50 to 250 then back down and a cool down of 50. I felt ok, my left shoulder is acting up a bit even when I had good form - I think mostly residual tightness from Sunday. I swam hard and tired to keep my rests around 15 seconds but still never really woke up.
Next was spinning class - I had to kind of rush to get to class on time to get a full 60 min on the bike. Luckily it was an endurance/recovery ride so I sort of fallowed the class but did not really push the resistance much. My legs felt tight from yesterdays squats. Afterwards I stretched out as much as I could before I had to head out so I could get to work on time. Two lattes later I still don't really feel awake - the sore throat as sort of faded though. I think I will be going to sleep early tonight...

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