Mar 11, 2007

9 mile run

Saturday I did a 9 mile run with Col and Bry (well Bry was in front of us a bit). We did the same loop I did in October - starts by going the long way around the lake, down stoneway, through the UW then back up through cowen park and back to greenlake. I felt surprisingly good - my calves were sort of tight but never got to bad and my foot only felt tight not painful. Otherwise my energy and pace stayed rather consistent - way better than last time I did this loop :) Mile 8 is all uphill which completely drained me last time - this time I slowed a little but still felt good and recovered rather quickly. The loop took a total of 1:20 - probably about 10 min faster than last time :)
I learned that rather than trying to get a gel down while running it is faster for me to walk for a minute to be able to get the entire gel down quickly - rather than it taking me an entire mile to get it down. I'm going to start working on being able to jog while eating then hopefully I'll get to the point where I can run and eat.. But for now walking a little bit and getting the gel down is better than now.
Today while Kyle went and ran the St. Patrick Day dash I went and did a spin class. Nothing to exciting - my legs were a little tight/tired but not to bad. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house which is never fun but feels good when finished.

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Lee said...

Wow, congratulations!

You're my inspiration for getting fit. :D