Feb 28, 2007

6 people in one lane

Last night I swam with Colleen at Helen Madison Pool and it was sooo crowded at one point there were 6 people in one lane and some people were slow and more interested in chatting that swimming. It was annoying. So that we could actually get our swim done Colleen had us move over to the "fast lane" which forced me to maintain a higher intensity that normal. I averaged around 1:54 pace for 100 yrds. I really need to get more comfortable doing flip turns so I can maintain a higher speed.
I did 300 yrd warm up, we skipped doing drills because of the crowds. We did a latter for the main set - 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 250, 200, 200 (accidentally did 50 extra), 100, 50, 100 cool down in 56 min. I forgot my pull buoy so I only borrowed Cols' a few times and my form felt all over the place - I felt the pressure to not hold the other up and I would get stressed and have to breath every stroke or so. It is good for me since the mass start at IMC is going to be very crowded..
This morning I over slept an dmissed spinning so tonight I will set up the trainer and just do it at home. Also my foot was only a tiny bit sore this morning - but I used the tennis ball and it felt better.

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