Mar 24, 2007

long swim

This morning I went and did 2850 yrd swim in 60:28. I wanted to get an early start on it but as usual for weekends it just did not happened that way. I got in the pool around 10:30a and it was already crowded with a ton of kids and swimmers who don't seem to know how to swim laps. There were people just standing in the middle of lanes. I got in a lane with a guy that actually seemed to know what he was doing - but once I got going he hit me twice, kicked me once, and splashed every time he went by. It only got worse - he left and a larger guy took his place and he could not even swim and did not stay on his side - I got kicked a few more times and he created huge waves esp when he took off from the wall - a couple of times I felt like I was going to drown. I guess it was good training but I think I will avoid the pool on weekends - except super early or late when the crowds are gone.
My goal for this swim was to maintain a 2 min 100 pace for the entire planned 2800 yrds - I did 400 warm up with the pool buoy, 200 - 3:57, 400 - 7:58, 600 - 11:58, 600 - 11:55, 400 - 7:56, 200 - 3:57, and 50 cool down. I kept my rests between 30 seconds and 45 between the 600s. My shoulder never really hurt and I felt like I could have kept going but I was tired of getting beat up.

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