Mar 22, 2007

it does not really feel like spring

Wednesday was a lovely dry day and of course when I got home I was exhausted so I actually crawled into bed around 5:30ish and relaxed until the continual growling of my stomach made me get up. So I never did go for a second ride yesterday.
Yesterday morning I did part (70 min) of the mt conditioning class and fallowed it up with a 4 mile run with 4 x 30 seconds of tempo mixed in. My inner shin still hurts pretty bad especially on right leg - it loosened up a bit while after the first mile but never really went away. I hope it gets better before the Mercer Island 10k on Sunday... Otherwise I'm doing alright, a little tired and I'm sort of fighting a slight sore throat. But nothing some extra sleep this weekend can't fix :)
Last night I went to a bike maintaince clinic for woman at rei in Redmond and was thoroughly disappointed. It turned out the instructor was in no way an expert and mostly just rode as a commuter. They demoed changing a flat on a mountain bike , which did not even need levers to put the tire back on with. I wound up answering a lot of the questions about road bikes and stuff for the people in the class. I left after the first hour - since I really went to see if there was any tricks to changing a flat on a high psi road tire and I just did not trust them to even get close to messing with my wheel/tire. Oh well it did prove to me that I do know what to do and how to take care of my bike. I should thank my dad for always making me help take care of the bikes when I was little and Kyle for always talking about bikes and all the little things to do (and he never thinks I listen to him). So I might try and talk Bryan into helping me change my tires one day but I know that if I get a flat I may be slow but I'll be able to fix it which is what really matters right now.

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