Mar 29, 2007

low energy week

This week so far I have been dragging. I took Monday off to let me body recover from Sunday. Tuesday I ran 4.5 miles in 38 min - I just went nice and easy with no hills since my calves/shins were pretty tight and the rest of my legs just felt heavy. It was supposed to be nice so I planned on riding my bike after work for an hour or more but when I left work it was pouring - not just normal Seattle rain but really heavy hard to not drown in rain. So I rested instead - I fell asleep on the couch around 8pm. I considered going for a ride yesterday morning since it was actually sunny out but I stayed in bed till I had to go to work.
Last night I met Col for a swim - we went to Kyle's gym the epicenter in Bellevue. It is a really nice place but the pool was not in the best shape last night. The water was way to warm and the chlorine was pretty strong which did not help me feel more awake. The goal was to swim 2500 in about an hour or less - we only did 2300 in about that time. 300 warm up, 100 drills (50 fists, 50 single arm), 200 x 4, 150 x 4, 100 x 4, 100 cool down - in the main set we alternated between swimming for a fast time and focusing on form. I was able to push myself on the fast/hard sets to get an average of about 1:54 - 57ish - the other ones were closer to 2:00+. We had planned on doing 50 x 4 but both Col and I were tired and ready to get out of the hot water so we just did 100 cool down.
This morning I got up and went for a 5 mile run in about 43 min. It was super chilly, dry and there was a really colorful sunrise with a bit of high fog. I took it kind of easy just doing an out and back from my house on most flat to gradual hills - mostly just focused on keeping my pace up and striding out even though I would have preferred to still be in bed.
Hopefully the weather will stay nice through the weekend to make my longer workouts more enjoyable and I can get some extra sleep to help get my energy levels back up.

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