Mar 5, 2007

sunday, monday, tuesday

Sunday morning Col, Bryan, kyle and I set out to do a 40ish mile loop around the north end of lake Washington loop. We got started around 10 am from our house heading north west on Northrup to Kirkland. I hate riding in traffic especially on busy streets and Northrup is definitely that.. Most of the ride went great, the weather cooperated with us and it stayed nice - we even saw the sun a little bit. I was able to stay with Col (or she held up for me) up the Juanita drive 3 mile hill which either way felt great - of course Kyle and bman got up faster than we did (but not much). We got on to the trail and headed south - at some point I hit a bump and lost a gel (the guy behind me grabbed it). We made it to the UW took a short stall to eat something and for me to loose my balance and fall over with one foot still in the cleat - seems to be a recurring thing these days. It was really just kind of embarrassing we were all just standing there and I just fell over in slow motion like a total retard - oh well I just got up and luckily only got a few bruises.. Then we continued to wind our way to I90 bridge - by this time my left shoulder started to really hurt and I could barely move my neck with out it spasming. I tried to take the pressure off it but the reach is a bit long and by this point it even hurt in my aero bars. This made me cranky and slow. We wound our way back through Bellevue and more nasty traffic. I was glad to be done and the ride just made me want my new bike more.. My legs did not really hurt to bad especially compared to my shoulder/neck - which was cool and I never dropped into the granny gears (since my new bike will not have them best not to use them anymore).
After we got back I could not find my phone/id/debit card which I thought was in my jersey.. I figured it had come out of my pocket when I lost the get on the trail.. So we drove back out there and looked and did not find it of course. I spent the rest of the afternoon brainstorming with col about her website and logo I'm designing - Kyle went and got me a new phone to replace the "losted" one. I got home around 8ish and low and behold I found my little baggy with phone etc under a gel by the front door.. arg I felt so dumb - all that stress for nothing. The last couple week I keep doing this - last week it was my helmet - hopefully it will end soon.
Ok so Monday Morning I slept in - just felt like I needed it. In the evening I did 4 mile run - down the Northrup hill to the lake samm road and back up twice. It was super dark and rather hard work as well. The down hills hurt my calves pretty bad esp the second time. My right foot and both calves still hurt today..
This morning I went and did the "Mountain conditioning" class - it went well - my shoulder is still sore/tight which hurt a lot when doing push ups (after 5 I just did a plank instead). The cool thing is we did sprints in the gym and I was the fastest girl and even beat most of the guys aswell :) - I never get to be the fastest in our crew of friends so it was fun. Then there was a misunderstanding of what class was supposed to be were and they had our class join a class called "sports conditioning" which had a bunch of stations and most involved jumping. Since my foot still hurt and there was only 30 min of class left anyway I took off early and stretched out. My foot is temperamental enough and it is just not worth it to me to push it any more than I need to. Being able to run is way more important to me so no jumping.

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