Mar 17, 2007

new bike

I got my new bike and it rains.. I'm not ready to get it completely gunked up just yet.. It weighs only 17.4lbs with everything on it :)

Since I am not ready to get my bike wet and dirty I swam 2100yrds in about 45 min with rests. The pool was sort of crowed with casual swimmers. i felt kind of bad Kyle and I jumped in a lane with a guy and he was rather slow (but everyone was sort of slow) after a 5 min or so he got out and went to the other pool.. Oh well. Kyle and I shared a lane - he was swimming long sets - like 900s. I did 400 warm up, 300, 200, 100 (1:45), 100 (1:44), 200, 300, 400, 100 cool down. I was swimming next to the wall so I only did a few flip turns, I was scared of bumping into the wall. I felt pretty good - I only really used the pull buoy during the warm up which seemed to set my stroke up correctly so that my shoulder did not ever really hurt to bad.

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