Mar 8, 2007

mt class 3

I was awake at 4:30am - don't ask why I have no clue. Luckily I went to bed around 8:30pm last night so I got some sleep. I got to the gym as they were opening and on the treadmill by 5:10am - ran 2 miles to warm up before class. In class we started with step ups, squats, hip exercises, one leg squats, touch downs, and some basic upper body stuff. I did a plank instead of push-ups because my left shoulder still hurts some and I'm sure my abs can benefit from the extra work. Then did a bunch of stairs, and repeated everything. Around 6:20am we switched and went up to the circuit training room to do intervals on the treadmill - 2 min moderate (9 min mile pace) - 1 min hard/sprint (7 min mile pace) for 15 min or so. Then did more upper body and core stuff and repeated the intervals for 5-10ish minutes. Finished with core work and stretching. All in all I tried not to push to hard but still feel good. My foot is a little sensitive - not to bad but a bit tight - luckily tomorrow is my rest day.

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