Mar 20, 2007

all sorts of stuff

Monday I did the 6 am spin class. I felt good - no soreness or anything from the stair climb on Sunday or anything like that. Though in getting the new bike I also got new pedals and cleats and something was left under the new cleat which rattles. It drove me nuts the entire class - I could not focus on riding because I hated the noise and I knew it bugged other people in the class as well.
Yesterday (Tuesday) I swam 2050 yrds in the morning instead of doing the mt conditioning class - since my foot has been a bit temperamental and tri workouts are higher priority. I did 400 warm up (200 with pool buoy), 150 x 4, 200 x 4, 100 x 2, 50 cool down in about 45 min with rests. I swam a consistent pace of 1:55 100s, my shoulder never really hurt. I only did a few flip turns because the guy that I was sharing a lane with was sort of rude and I just wanted to get done and out of the pool really and my flip turns still slow me down a tad.
Last night I ran close to a 5 mile loop with Col and Bman with the goal of running a close to race pace in preparation for the Mercer Island 10k on Sunday. It was very very cold to start with and had been raining but luckily tapered off as we got started. I got my new running shoes super dirty on the wet/muddy trails. Col held me backa bit the first mile - we kind of got going to fast to maintain up the mile long hill that was still to come. I ran hard up the hill and felt surprisingly good - I never really got dropped by them (though I'm sure they were taking it easier than I was having to). I was able to run of the top of the hill and recover somewhat quickly. then we ran back down towards the lake - which was really the worst part - I'm not sure if I doing something wrong but some muscle on the inside of my shins got super tight and just plain hurt and then it started to pull on my foot. Luckily we got back to the trail around the lake and it loosened back up so I was able to keep going just fine. Bman was a bit in front of us by then and Col asked if I thought I could catch him in the last half mile - I felt ok so I said sure. Then of course the last bit of trail got worse and super slippery so we ran in the bike lane but it slowed me down a tad and Col though Bman speed up as well. But in the last couple 100 yrds I finally caught him - I was completely out of breath but it was nice to be able to push my self that hard. All in all the run was fun, cold and challenging. When I got home I washed my new shoes they were so dirty.
This morning I did the 6 am endurance focused spin class. I used my mountain shoes so that the cleat would not bother me since I have not gotten around to figuring out how to fix the rattle sound yet. I felt good and just fallowed the class. If the weather stays dry when I get home tonight I might try and get a short ride on the new bike in - it just seems a shame it just sitting in the house.
On a work note a mini site I designed launched the other day for a new cd called Off the Clock. It is a mix of music all from Starbucks Batista's across the country. It was a fun projects and it always nice to see things go live. :)

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