Mar 12, 2007

daylight savings sucks

Yesterday it was extra early and a very dark morning thanks to dumb daylights savings time change a month earlier than normal.. I got in the mostly empty lap pool around 5:30a - my body knew that it was actually more like 4:30a (yuck - there is just a big diffrence between 4 and 5 am - 4 is to early for me). The plan was to swim 2500 yrds and I did that in about 58 minutes - 400 warm up, 200 drills, 6 x 100, 3 x 200, 4 x 150 (was going to be 6 x 100 but I did an extra 50 by accident so I just went with it), 100 cool down. The best part was that since I had my own lane for the majority of my swim I used the space to work on my flip turns. I'm still super slow at them - they seemed to add about 10 seconds to my 100s - averaged about 2:05 with flip - 1:55 with out. I figure with more practice eventually I'll get it down and will be faster when I flip - as it should be. I also only used the pool buoy twice - on one 100yrd and one 200yrd set. I figure I should start using it less so that it does not become a crutch. The only negative really was my left shoulder is still kind of achy - which really forces me to focus on form to keep it only an annoying pain and not get any worse. I think a massage is calling my name.
In other news our crew finally picked a half iron race to do before IMC - Ford Ironman 70.3 Hawaii!! I registered Kyle and I today :) I'm a little worried about no wetsuits for the swim and salt water - but I think with Col's help I will be just fine. I'm also a tiny bit bummed we will be missing the Issaquah sprint which is on the same weekend - it is just a fun race. But who in the right mind would pass up a chance to go to Hawaii to do a triathlon. hehe not me

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Steven said...


Issaquah sprint or Ironman 70.3 Hawaii?

I don't see a problem picking between the two...nor would I be bummed about missing the sprint.

You are going to have a BLAST at the 70.3! Congrats!