Jun 13, 2007

swimming straight would be nice

Last night (Tues) I met Col after work to do an open water swim at green lake - to practice sighting, swimming in a wet suit again, and I guess just getting more used to open water stuff. I will start with the good - I loved my new blue seventy vision swim goggles - they were very comfy and have a huge field of vision. I was also surprised and pleased at how clean the water is/was and it was not really that cold either (well I say that but I was safely in a full wetsuit). The rest of it was ok - I could not swim straight to save my life, my wetsuit though warm was trying to strangle me (resulting in a 2" painful wetsuit hickey on the back of my neck) and my left shoulder was fatigued after one-two laps of the pilings so I felt like I had to force it out of the water to keep going. Col gave me some good pointers on the sighting - about how to keep moving forward while seeing where I needed to go and by the end I felt like I was starting to get it better. She also gave me few other pointers which helped and as any good coach (which she is) she got me to keep going even though I was not necessarily loving it (I wanted to just get my wetsuit off or at least away my neck). I swam for about 30 min or so and I have no idea how far but it was more about time and form than distance.
This evening (Wed) I went for a bike ride around Lake Sammamish. I did not push my self to hard since I am a bit tired from not getting very much sleep and I did not get to eat in the morning since I had my yearly physical and blood test but otherwise I felt good. The most challenging part was to avoid getting hit by a car on the Issaquah side of the lake - I don't think people are very awake on their evening drive home because you would think they would notice some one in bright red riding in the bike lane.. Anyway otherwise it was pretty uneventful - 22 miles in 1:13. Now a cup of ice cream is calling my name - I have to make up for my missed breakfast this morning and then off to sleep I will go :)

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