Jun 18, 2007

moving on

I took Sunday off and went to the Edmond's art fair, went to Pike Place Market and had a wonderful dinner - just generally enjoyed the day.
This morning I felt better I got up around 5:15 and went to the gym and did 30 min on the EFX elliptical thing and kept the cadence or whatever it was called above 170 per Col's advise to best mimic running cardio. It was rather boring but it felt good to do it all the same. After warming up I got started on my strength work out - as usual I focused on past pt related exercises ie leg/hip and shoulder stuff. I also added in a ton of calf raises as Col suggested to help with my current leg issues. I won't bore with the details this week since it was almost identical to what I did last week. It felt really good to do strength stuff - I felt strong :)
On another note I have decided to just get over it and move on so no more being down or anything time to be happy and ready for the next stage. I just will keep working to get my leg feeling better when I run and just focus on enjoying each and every chance I get to train because that is really what I like about this whole thing anyway. I am also rereading the "How Lance Does It" book and "Becoming an Ironman: First Encounters With the Ultimate Endurance Event" both of which are very good and positive. So I will be fine and will be just as strong as always. My goal right now with running is to be able to do a strong 5k by July 4th :)

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