Jun 30, 2007

6 mile run

First off this morning Kyle and I registered for the Firecracker 5000 on July 3rd...
I had to go out to my mom's house so to save time I decided I could do my run out round Ames Lake which is a 2 mile loop around the lake plus a little bit back to my mom's house. Once I got started I very quickly remembered how hilly the road is - there is pretty much no flats - either up or down. Probably not the smartest route to do as my first longer run since my leg issues started but oh well. My plan was to do 2 loops and if I felt good with no pain then I would go ahead and do the 3rd.
Over all the downhills were hard on my shins but I really tried to focus on staying loose and not letting my feet roll out. The uphills were rather steep and hard. I found that by the end of the first loop (2 miles) I felt tired but no pain so I kept going. I focused on my surrounding a lot - there are bunch of new houses, places for sale, the lake looked very inviting, a couple of dogs that came out to say hi and other random things. It certainty helped make time/distance go by faster because I was not running very fast - with all the uphills my pace was all over the place and all the way up to a few 9+ almost 10 min miles.
By the end of the second loop I figured I had gone this far with no pain so I might as well go through with doing the 3rd loop. I ate a second gel and focused on just finishing 6 miles with no pain but I was more tired and my paces was slow up all the hills. I finished the 3rd loop in about 55 min - by far not my fastest run but I'm very happy that I was able to run 6 mile with no pain at any time so my slow time does not really bother me esp considering the amount of hills.

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NW Firefly said...

GO Girl! Those Ames Lake hills are NOT little hills. You did good!