Jun 11, 2007

getting back on track

Sunday the sun came out so Kyle and I took our bikes out and road around lake Sammamish for an easy ride together. The winds were rather crazy and sporadic but otherwise it was a good ride. My legs felt lazy and slow - I had a very hard time keeping up with Kyle much but that is not really a new thing. All in all 22 miles in 1:15.
After the bike ride we headed to speedy reedy - of course we got some random thing - including better fitting timing chip straps, bike tubs, Kyle got some supplement stuff to try. I tried on the Blue Seventy Helix wet suit. I really liked it - it fit really well and the shoulder area allowed way more movement, also I liked that the zipper zipped up not down so that the string was way out of the way and yet still easy to unzip. The lower neck line was also nice. I still want to also try on the 2XU Elite suit - it is a much better price so we will see. Kyle said if I find one I like we will try and get it for my birthday :)
Monday I really wanted to just get back into this time zone and feel like my normal routine again. So I got up a bit early (4:45a) and was the first person in the pool for a 30 min swim. Immediately I missed the buoyancy of salt water and the interesting fish and everything - a blue line is really not as interesting as a coral reef. Oh well it still felt nice to swim esp since I had no shoulder pain. Since I also planned to do a strength work out I just did a 30 min "warm up" set of 1400yrds with no rests and no pull buoy.
Then I did a strength work out focusing on exercises from pt for my foot/leg and shoulder then a bunch of core stuff. I have to say I really enjoy doing strength stuff (even though this was not super intense or anything) - it just makes me feel good/strong.
This morning I ran 2 whole miles with NO PAIN! I went to a local track so that I could stop if anything hurt to much and so that I knew the surface was totally flat and cush. It was 1/5 a mile so I did 10 laps - it was a chilly 47 degrees so it took me a couple laps to really warm up and of course I did not grab a pair of gloves which would have been smart. I decided to run in my newtons since when I wear my asics my right foot hurts more. Anyway I took it easy and did not push the pace to crazy or anything and it felt great to run which is saying a lot since I have not really grown to enjoy it to much yet. Every lap that my left leg did not hurt was more and more fun. I only stopped because I had to do 30 min of cardio as well and I am taking recovery slow and don't want to over due it.
After my joyous run I spent the longest 30 min on the elliptical. I forgot my book so I stared off into space and just tried to make time pass. Afterwards I stretched out and did a few crunches before I had to head off to work.

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