Jun 24, 2007

birthday weekend recap

Well my birthday was actually on Friday but what they hey why not stretch it out a bit more and enjoy it. Friday I spent the day on a sail boat with the crew I work with in celebration of a job well done on a huge project... It was great fun except there really was not much food - they had lots of beer and whine but not much else. I ate a nectar bar but it was not enough by the end of the cruise I started to get a headache from not eating enough. By the time I got home from work all I wanted to do was take a nap - I had planned on doing a 45 min easy ride then running 3 miles (the priority of the day). Since I felt so out of it I rested a bit then geared up around 8ish to just do the 3 mile run and then go to chipotle for dinner - yes I know I'm boring but I really did not want to do much else for my birthday. Kyle was very sweet and got me flowers and my favorite fruit torte :) Anyway Kyle and I ran at the downtown Bellevue half mile track - my only goal was to run 3 miles with no pain. The entire run I focused on striking more on the inside of my fore foot rather than the outside - (if that makes any sense). I found that if I did not focus on it the entire time almost I would go back to striking on the outside of my feet which would then make the outside of my legs tighten a bit. I quickly caught myself and successfully ran 3 miles with NO PAIN! no foot pain, no leg pain - it was the best birthday present..
Saturday morning Kyle, Futa, Col and I met up to do a 70-80 mile ride - we decided to do the Flying Wheels 65 mile course and then add another 5 or more depending on how we all felt. It started out a little chilly - well chilly enough to need arm warmers and by the time we reached the 1st hill (about 5miles in) I was plenty warm. I felt fairly good (not great but good) - my climbing legs are not all the back but definitely getting better. Kyle and Col were riding really strong and on average it seemed about 2-4 mph faster than me - which I was just fine with my goal for the ride was to just enjoy it and get the miles done. Futa was nice and road back with me a lot - though he gave me a hard time about hitting pot holes and not swerving to avoid them - he started yelling "swerve" at me the rest of the ride...
It was the first ride with an aero bottle and I LOVED it - I drank way more esp when I was actually down in the aero bars. I put nuun in it so that it was not just plain water but I think next long ride I will be putting Gatorade in it so I can easily get calories in. The aero bottle along with the salt stick made things so simple. I still have a hard time with gels - I was going to do a gel flask but I did not have enough of the same flavor of gels so I just used them as they were. I still managed to eat 5 or so of them - the raspberry creme were disgusting.
My legs did not really start feeling really tired till the final big climb up the stair step hill back on to the plateau which always feels never ending. At the bottom of the climb my legs felt really heavy and slow but as I got going I felt better and just kept climbing till I reached the top. The rest of the ride I focused on just getting back to the car - it did not help that the long way around the lake sucks - the roads are horrible with no shoulder by the last bit my legs felt done. In all I did just under 70 miles (69.8) in 4:15 - which I think is the longest ride I have ever done. The best part was I felt better that I did last week :)
Now on Sunday everyone else went for a nice long 10 mile run while I was stuck doing a swim in the pool and the elliptical. I was extra tired in the morning because Kyle woke me up about 10 time though out the night which just made me more cranky about my non-running workout and of course the pool was crowded even though I was there rather early for a Sunday. Anyway I did 400 warm up, 300 drills, 1000 x 2, 100 cool down for a total time of 55 min. My shoulder was more tired then the rest of my body and kind of hurt which makes me think my bike fit might be off. I mostly just survived the swim, I felt ungraceful and heavy. Once I finished in the pool I went and did 45 min on the elliptical keeping the cadence above 170 the entire time. I only survived by watching what it takes on my ipod. I know I need to do cardio since I can't really run much but it really does not feel comparable - I don't sweet as much or feel like I'm getting much accomplished but coach col told me to do it so I did...

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