Jun 28, 2007

swim run fun

This evening I met Col and Bryan at green lake for a swim run brick. We started early enough to get some hassle from the life guards but what ever. It was great rather than swim the normal laps we have been we swam out across the lake(of course still with in the 50 yrd distance to the shore) for about 18 min or so then back. On the way out the water was rather calm and I used Col and Bryan to sight off of. About half way out I got a kink in my neck that sort of pinched every time I breathed so I found myself waiting longer between breathes just to avoid it - luckily it went away after we turned around to head back in... Though when we turned around Col mention the r word and it immediately started to rain and even though Bryan threatened to get out and walk back to our stuff he stayed in the water and swam. I'm not sure if it was because of the rain or what but the water got rather wavy - more than once I got hit in the face with a wave when I breathed and I got a few rain drops in my mouth as well. Even so I enjoyed the swim - I may have been a ways behind them but still it was a good swim.
Once we got back we did a transition to run out of the back of my car - mind you it was still raining and rather warm and humid. We then ran out one mile around the lake and back. I must have drank some of the water or something because my stomach did not feel good - but it was only a 2 mile run so I lived just fine. I am just enjoying that I can run at all with out pain - my legs felt pretty good. My left calf is a bit tight now but during it felt just fine. The hardest part is not falling back into my old habit of running on the outside of my feet - I really have to focus on running over my big toe - hopefully as I start building mileage back up it will become more natural. It took me 17.24 to run the 2 miles which I am happy with.
The best part of all was that I enjoyed the entire work out and afterwards felt like I wanted to keep going but of course did not because then I would get in trouble with Col ;) So instead I'm just looking forward to my long weekend workouts.

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