Jun 8, 2007

back to the real world

On Tuesday before we had to come home we did a short bike ride out on 19 - it was once again hot and fairly windy. I was dropped by the group almost the entire ride - I felt horrible - a sore throat, sinus congestion, generally out of it and the heat did not help. I have to saw I was very happy when we turned around to head back. Wednesday I did 15 min of water running in the ocean and then swam around and looked at all the fish. My leg still hurts when I try and run so I will be doing some cross training , massage, and pt to try get it back to healthy.
We actually got back to the Seattle area yesterday/Thursday morning but after a red eye flight with at least a couple screaming babies, Kyle getting sick, and generally no sleep I had very little energy to do any sort of blogging. We got home showered, took a nap and then I headed into work for a short day to catch up on emails and stuff. In the evening we wound up going to urgent care to have the doctor look at Kyle's sun burns - a few spots were very tender and swollen. The doctor gave him some antibiotics and thermagen stuff over the area to help let the skin heal. Today he is doing much better.
This morning I overslept till 8:30a which is unheard of for me - not only did I not do my swim in the am I just barely made it into work before a 10a meeting. The rest of the day I still felt tired even though I ate really well - I'm not sure if it is the time change, travel kind of tired or still recovering from the half. I never got to the pool today but I think I will be able to get a swim in this weekend. Hopefully I will also be able to get some good sleep this weekend and feel better.

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