Jun 27, 2007

Lets start with Monday - I did a strength work out - mostly stuff for my shoulder and legs plus a bunch of core things. Nothing to intense since I had to do a ton of stuff around the house on Monday. I was supposed to swim 2800yrds but they day was to full of other things so it just never happened.
Tuesday morning I went and did a 3.25 mile run from my house. It was a really nice morning and it actually felt nice to get out and run. I finished up in just over 23 minutes with no pain in my left leg :)
In the evening I got to green lake about an hour before I was going to meet Col and Bryan to swim so I decided to run around the lake. I had asked Col earlier if this was ok and she said I could run 2 miles but I did not know the mile markers so I just ran the whole lake.. oops. It was nice though I ran the outside loop which is compact gravel/dirt and I actually passed a bunch of slower runners which felt kind of good since it does not happen much. It took me about 25 min to make my way around the lake and back to my car to grab my wetsuit and stuff for swimming.
Of course I realized I forgot both a swim cap and a towel... I got down to the water ate a gel, got my wesuit on and waited for Bryan and Col. Bryan got there first but I did not remember what I the plan was so I waited for Col. I was a little bit subdued - maybe I was just tired from the running but once I got going the water was nice. My shoulder felt tight and got tired with in about 15-20 min of course not enough for me to stop. The only other things is I still can't swim straight and I kept getting water in my nose almost every time I breathed - I have no clue what the deal was but it was a bit annoying. I swam for about 45 min - I have no clue how far though.. It was good I figure I need as much practice swimming in open water as I can get and hopefully I'll get better at it.

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