Jun 20, 2007

best way to start a day

First off yesterday (Tuesday) morning I went to a local tracks and ran 2 miles - I was supposed to start with some drills to help with my form but I realized I had no clue how to do them.. so I just ran and focused on not running through my big toe and not on the outside of my feet. In all it was a good run - I finished the 2 miles in about 17 min with no pain in my legs or foot :)
Then in the evening Kyle and I met Bryan and Col for an open water swim at green lake. Traffic was horrible so we were a bit late but nothing to bad - it was just annoying sitting in the car esp for Kyle. Before starting I made sure to puts a ton of body glide on the back of my neck to avoid getting a bad wetsuit hickey like last week. The water was really nice - the temp was perfect actually - not to cold or to warm where you start over heating in the wet suit. The main goals of the swim was to work on sighting and I also wanted to not let my wetsuit distract me from enjoying the time in the water and I didn't. The swim went well - I figured out that I swam a lot more straight when I used Col's pink swim cap to sight on rather than the hard to see logs... So I fallowed Col the entire swim. About half way though my left shoulder started to feel fatigued but I just let it go and kept going. I don't feel like my form is as good in open water with a wetsuit on - I don't feel like I rotate as well or that my hand enters the water as smoothly but I'm sure the more practice I get in open water the better I will get at it just like I did in the pool. On the last "lap" out Col had me draft right behind her - trying to stay right on her toes - I could defiantly feel the difference but I struggled a bit to stay on her toes. I would start swimming off to the side somehow and loose the bubbles from her kicking then I would have to try and catch back up so I had to find some extra pep but it was still fun. We swam for about 40 min total with a few chat breaks but still I felt way better in the water this week vs last week so I was happy and best of all NO wetsuit hickey.
This gorgeous sunny morning I got up at 5a to do a 20ish mile bike ride with 2-3 hill repeats. I had planned one a route but then once I got going I changed my mind - I decided to ride down on to the Lake Samm road then out on to the trail (since it would be empty) and I could practice being down in my aerobars then on my way back home I could do either Bell-Red road climb or the trail climb up next to 520 that goes by Microsoft land depending.. It was great the roads were all empty, the sun was coming up and there was some low lying fog across the trail in places. I just cruised along and enjoyed the view. The longer i stayed down in my aerobars the better I felt in them so it was good to work on it. I road 10 miles out then headed back towards Redmond - I decided to do the 520 climb since it has always been a good challenge for me, it is really long and I have not done it in a while since we have been doing Bell-Red a lot lately... The first climb up was hard - I mostly stayed in the saddle and just made my way up till I reached 150th and then turned around to do it again. This time I stood up a few time to pick up my pace a bit. I felt really good and I was to the top faster than I expected so I decided to do it once more. A couple of teh commuters looked at me strange - esp since I saw a few of the one my way down the time before and then again on my way back up. Oh well. Again I kept my pace up and the climb felt even better - I usually hate this hill but I had a great time climbing it - it kind of rolls with a few false summits - it was fun today. lol Once to the top I proceeded to ride back home - which sort of sucked since I road on 156th and I had to stop at more than half of the million and one stop lights on that street.. Oh well I was already at my planned 20 mile mark so I knew I should not take the longer way home to avoid the dumb street so I just picked the pace up when I could and got home. In all I did 22 miles in 1:22 with 3 almost a mile hill repeats :) It put me in a great mood to start the day off and I get to look forward to massage therapy after work :)

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