Jul 2, 2007

hehe now that was fun

I'm going to start with my swim work out tonight - Col wanted me to go long in the pool but focus on pushing my pace the entire time. As she suggested I did 400 warm up including a few drills, 100 x 9 (supposed to 8 but lost count and did an extra), 200 x 4, 100 x 8, 200 cool down. My first 100 yrd was 1:47 after that I kept the rest of the 1st set at 1:52 with 10-12 sec rest between. I felt really good and strong it was great. Next I did the 200s - I started out swimming a little easier then I should so I picked it up a notch and kept my pace up. I decided I could pick it up a bit more on the final set of 100s - so I kept all my 100s at 1:50 - it was hard but I just visualized/remembered the end of the Hawaii race and how hard I had to push to get through the waves. My arms started to get tired but I kept it up and even did my final 100 at 1:48 :) Then I used my cool down to stretch/loosen my legs up a bit. All in all it took me 59:12:95 to swim 3100yrds and I enjoyed every minute. I felt strong with good form so my shoulder did not hurt. It made my day :)

Now as a little recap for Sunday I only road my bike for about 7 miles - 25 min and most of it was downhill. Kyle and I started to do a 60ish mile ride but 5 miles in he got a bloody nose and then got a bit dizzy so we headed home and took him to urgent care to see a doctor since this keeps happening along with his muscle cramps and fatigue. He got blood tests back and everything was well with in normal/healthy range - so the mystery continues...

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