Feb 3, 2007

morning swim

I unintentionally took the last two days off rather than just Thursday. I'm sure my legs appreciated it though. This morning I went and swam 2000 yrds with a total time of 45.51 minutes.

warm up 400
drills 200
cool down 200

I kept my average 100 yrd time under 1.58 fastest was 1.52 and rests under 15 seconds. I felt pretty good, plenty of energy. I focused on keeping good form while pushing myself to swim faster.
Afterwards I planned on going for ride with Kyle before the rain came - but we took to long and it was pouring by the time were were even close to heading out. Since my legs felt really tight I bailed on running or riding before my massage appointment. I did however go to Sammamish Valley cycle to get tubes and to look at bikes. They still have a 2007 cevelo R3 51" in stock and I put the request in to build it up for me to test ride. I also made an appointment to do a Serotta Bike Fit so that I know what I'm really looking for. I also looked at the scott cr1 pro but it was a 52 and was a bit to big for me. I think I want a road bike vs a tri bike for the hills and since IMC is all about either climbing or descending hills.
I went and saw the massage therapist to work on my legs. It doesn't seem to be my IT band but more my quads esp the part of the quad muscle that run under the IT band is really tight. So I need too do daily self massage and streching to try and loosen the muscles up to avoid locking up and cramping..

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