Feb 4, 2007

what a sexy bike

The rain held off today so Kyle and I braved the still very dirty roads around lake sammamimish. We road from our house which means down northrup then south around the lake then we have to climb back up today via the trail that goes along 520. Before we left both Kyle and I had a flat tire each so he fixed those before we left. The roads sucked - I don't get why they could not sweep an extra two feet along the sides of the roads so that the bike lane would be usable. Anyway my legs still felt pretty tight - I adjusted my left cleat a bit which seemed to help a lot. Even so on the climbs my quads were screaming at me. I managed to stay out of the granny gears until the final climb up next to 520 and MS. I had one flat tire on east lake samm which sucked. We road for about 24 miles for a total of 1 hr 34 min. I made sure to stretch out my legs and take a hot shower afterwards to help loosen my legs.
While out riding Samm Valley called and said that they had the R3 cervelo bike built so I could come by and take a test ride. We had to get some more tubes so we went to check it out. I first tried it on the trainer and I just was not sure if it fit but then I went out on the road and climbed up a hill and it felt amazing. Kyle LOVES his like no other so I have heard about how great it is. But it was good to get out on it myself. At first it felt a bit squirly or like there was nothing under me - it is just so light. Though when I started climbing I could feel how efficient the power transfer is. My legs were super tired and there was no granny gear but it climbed really well. The descend was equally impressive - I usually hate descending but it was really stable and smooth. The set up as was did not fit perfectly but they are going to hold the bike till I have the full fit thing done and if I decide to get the R3 they can set up the bike based on my measurements.

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