Feb 16, 2007

a life in chaos

I have been bad at posting things this week. I have been working out and tracking on Training peaks but I have not gotten in to a habit of when to post. My new job is way more busy than when I was at MS and I don't have time to do it in the mornings before work - I guess I should get more in the habit of doing it in the evenings but then I'm mostly brain dead by then.. I'll figure it out. It doesn't help that life in general has not been calm lately it always seems like I'm going in multiple directions at once - when all is things to calm down and be predicatble.
Well Wednesday was my planned rest day so I took advantage of that and slept in till 6:45am and took it easy. Yesterday I was supposed to spin - but there is not a class at 6 am so I switched it to swimming but on Tuesday I got a rash from using BodyGlide WarmFX on my left shoulder and on my quads - it totally sucks and I just don't want to go swimming till it is totally gone. Anyway so I used the time to do some of the hip strengthening exercises and mostly core stuff. I tried to go easy on the legs since I planned on running with Col in the evening. I also stretched out really well which felt wonderful.
Last night I met Col after work and we ran 5+ miles in about 45 min. I felt pretty good - Col did a really good job distracting me which seemed to help since I only felt my left leg get a little tight around mile 3-4 and I was able to mostly ignore it. A big thing was I did not die on the hill by the zoo which usually effects me for the rest of the run - but not last night. We also talked about that my recent leg issues have probably been due to my body adjusting to running so much. I mean in one year I have gone from not running outside at all to running a couple time a week (well on a good week). So my body is just adjusting and I need to continue to stretch, eat well - esp after work outs so that my muscles can recover.
This morning I overslept and missed spinning. Maybe I will go do something after work - but I'm not sure yet it is always way harder in the evenings to do workouts - I'm just a morning person I guess. I figure I'll be doing at least one ride on Saturday (maybe 2), the bike fit at 3 and Sunday I'll do hot yoga and swimming.

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