Feb 6, 2007

is it spring yet

This morning I swam 2000 yrds in about 45 minutes. I did not really feel like doing drills so I just swam the same distance. I felt kind of tired and my legs felt sort of heavy but I just focused on good form so my average 100 was 2 min. The details are
warm up 300
cool down 200

On another note I'm having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings I still wake up at 5 am or even earlier but just lay there and keep getting to the gym late. I'm not really sure what is going on. But I really want it to be lighter later so that I can feel ok running or riding in the evenings. I don't run alone at night and it is hard to find friends that are up for running with me - so I'm postponing tonights run for tomorrow when Kyle can run with me. Which is a pain but oh well.

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