Feb 12, 2007

getting my hiney kicked

Well I took 3 days off - it started with my rest day on Thursday then Friday I woke up with a sore throat and just stayed in bed and went to the ballet in the evening. Saturday we planned on doing a bunch of things and instead the day flew by and all I did was have a massage. Of course I got away with this until Colleen got home on Saturday night and checked up on me and on Sunday proceeded to "kick (me) in the hiney" to get out running. Well actually I ran with Col, Bman and Kyle who all have a faster base speed then me. We ran a 6 mile loop that Kyle came up with from our house. It was a good route with a good amount of hills. I felt good at the start - my calves started pulling on my ankles and knees around mile 2-3, I got dizzy around mile 3 so I started eating some gel (which took me the next 3 miles to finish). My quads started hurting around mile 4 or so - the hills did not help much - they never completely cramped up but there were questionable moments. It was very nice of Bman to hang back with me and so I just kept going - never really lost sight of Col and Kyle which is always good. We wound up running an average of sub 10 min miles - which is fine since I have been avoiding running and have not done many longer distances in a while. Afterwards we walked back to the house and stretched out.
To stay on track this morning I went and did the 6 am interval spin class. Just getting out of bed my legs were sore and tight and I had a slight sore throat but I figured spinning could only help things. I got to the gym early enough to allow a little bit extra time to warm up and loosen my legs up (but not enough to do my planned strength work out). The class was way more crowded than the wed class - which surprised me. It was intervals for strength training. I took it sort of easy but still mostly fallowed with the class. Surprisingly other than my legs being a bit tight I felt ok. I'm doing everything I can to not get a cold/flu - I just don't want to deal with that right now - lots of airborn, tea, soup, water, rest ect. I will do my planned strength work out tonight as well - just to get back in the habit of staying on track with what ever Col tells me to do.

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