Feb 22, 2007

a couple of days

I did my work outs the last couple of days but nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary. Evening workouts are still very much like pulling teeth to do - I have to really force myself to do them. I seem to hit a wall around 5:30 on my drive home where all I want to do is eat dinner, go to bed or just take care of things at home rather than do any work out. To bad I have to (and really like) work it seems to make things twice as complicated - ie getting up at 5 am, having to be at work before 9am and getting home in the dark.. Welcome to the real world of balancing a life and training :(
Ran on Tuesday night on the treadmill - which sucks but it was dark and cold outside. Yesterday I did 60 min of a yoga for athletes dvd (power yoga) - which felt pretty good.
This morning I swam again - today it was way less crowded which is always a good thing. I felt kind of tired - I always feel like I need more sleep lately.
Warm up 300
drills 200
1 X 300
2 X 200
3 X 100
4 X 50
5 X 25
cool down 200
I did every other hard or moderate hard - then recovered on the next one. I felt like the entire time I was swimming against a current - though my times were on par with where I have been for a while now. Average 2 min 100s and when going hard around 1:55ish. I would love to be swim faster but I guess I'm not sure what to do. I worked on my flip turns during the warm and cool down - I get a little disoriented so I'm not ready to do them during the main sets - though hopefully when I do get them down it will help me speed up my sets a bit. I was surprised by my 22yrd times of around 25 seconds - I thought it would be slower since my average 50yrds is 60 seconds or so..

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Steven said...

I just started doing flip-turns this week. I find that when I practice just those I nail 'em every time, but when I try to do them during real swimming my timing and my breathing get off kilter.

I guess they'll get easier eventually.