Feb 13, 2007

morning swim

This morning I got in the pool around 5:30am (luckily before the crowds arrived). I felt pretty good no sore throat - my legs are still a bit tight esp my calves but not to bad.
I did warm up 300
drills 200
3 x 200
6 x 100 - 3 hard avg 1:52
2 x 50 - hard 50 sec
cool down 200

I focused on pushing my effort/speed every other set and keeping my rests under 15 seconds. I was able to keep good form even when I was focusing more on going fast which was great. A friend of mine who used to be big into tris and training showed up when I had 500 yrds left or so so my over all time is a bit messed up because I had a 5 min break to chat. lol though it was good to see her again. To bad she does not train much at all anymore.

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